The Kitchen Investment You Won't Regret: These Japanese Knives Everyone's Talking About in 2023!

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No chef worth their salt would ever be caught with a dull, cheap knife — they’re not just less effective, they’re dangerous!

So… why should you settle for dull, poorly made knives in your kitchen?

That’s the question a new startup is asking — and they’re on a mission to put safer, better-quality knives in every kitchen.

Right now, home kitchens everywhere are filled with dull bladesrusty edges and crumbling handles. You may not realize it, but your old knife is causing even the simplest recipes to take much longer — and require much more physical effort.

As a result, poorly made knives can cause injuries like sprains and strains because of how difficult it is to hack through food…

Of course, most people don’t think twice about the knives they buy. They usually purchase the first set they see, not stopping to consider how important it is to have a reliable knife.

The folks behind the Dynasty Series, a new knifemaking startup, think that’s a shame… and they want to change it.

Their solution? Employ real blacksmiths with 20 years of experience… have them hand-forge every knife using an ancient Japanese technique and premium high carbon steel… and then sell them directly to you, skipping the middleman and passing on the savings.

Their formula has been working so far, with more than 80,000 knives sold already. If you’ve always wanted Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen knives without paying the price, you’re going to love discovering these knives!

And dull knives are actually far more dangerous than properly sharpened knives, because dull knives require more pressure to make a cut — which increases the chances of slipping and cutting yourself.

What are The Dynasty Series knives, and why are so many chefs recommending them?

The Dynasty Series is a new set of knives from The Cooking Guild, a knifemaking startup that is dedicated to helping everyone enjoy the safety, convenience and pride that comes with owning premium-quality kitchen knives.

The beautiful stainless steel knives are created with an 1,100-year-old Samurai technique called San Mai, which helps them stay sharper longer.

That said, these knives are more than cutting tools — they’re designed to help you save time, make better meals, and regain your love of working in the kitchen.

The full series is comprised of four hand-forged knives:

  • 🗡️ Petty Knife
  • 🔪 Santoku
  • 🗡️ Serbian Cleaver
  • 🔪 Chef Knife

Each knife is hand-crafted with high carbon Japanese stainless steel according to the San Mai technique.

This technique makes Dynasty knives resistant to corrosion and perfectly balanced in your hand, along with helping the blades stay sharper for longer. In fact, the creators are so confident in their knives, they offer a lifetime warranty on every Dynasty knife.

Altogether, this makes your life in the kitchen much easier, and can even trim up to 50% off your meal prep time.

So if you’re using old dull knives, you can expect an immediate boost in performance. Average cooks will feel more confident from the moment they pick one up… yet even professional chefs are celebrating how effective these knives are:

The Dynasty Series: Four Knives That Complete Any Kitchen

Each knife in the Dynasty Series is made with a rust-resistant hammered finish and a carbonized rosewood handle, which not only fits easily into your hand and reduces stress on the palm and fingers, it also looks impressive in any kitchen. Let’s take a look!

The Chef Knife is the most versatile and is designed for use in almost any situation.

The Dynasty Series procedure reimagined the classic chef knife, forging it using the San Mai technique to create a powerfully sharp, rust-resistant, full-tang blade that’s perfect for slicing, chopping and disjoining.

The Serbian Cleaver is perfect for large cuts of meat, hacking through thick layers of fat and gristle like they were butter.

The Dynasty Cleaver’s reinforced blade is razor sharp and perfectly balanced, making it the right knife for even the toughest of cuts.

The Santoku Knife is smaller than the classic chef’s knife, making it more versatile and precise. It’s great for mincing, dicing and slicing, and chefs say it’s a game-changer for preparing vegetables.

The Petty Knife is the perfect compliment for the Dynasty Series. As the go-to knife for peeling, slicing and shaping, it’s durable and razor-sharp, yet easy to use.

The Secret of San Mai: An Ancient Technique That Remains Superior To Modern Methods

Ancient samurai began using a particular sword-making technique around the year 900 AD that terrified their enemies because it made their swords stronger AND sharper. This was revolutionary — and no one, not even the greatest sword makers in Asia or Europe, could copy this technique.

The Dynasty Series knives are created using this same method, cladding the blade’s hard steel core with two layers of “softer” steel. Now known as the San Mai technique, it offers extra support and protects against corrosion while still maintaining the ease of sharpening a high carbon knife allows.

A Dream Gift For A Prospective Chef

The Dynasty Series has arrived at the perfect time — they’ve quickly rocketed to the top of “Top Gift” lists, and for good reason. Take this story from someone who knew his sister needed a sharper option for her culinary creations:

My sister kicks butt in her kitchen, but she’s so timid! She creates amazing dishes, from stir fries to lamb chops and filet mignon, you name it, she’s the best.

Last year our parents got her some new pots and pans and her cooking reached another level. Then, for her birthday last month I got her all four knives in the Dynasty Series… and her eyes lit up!

She was so happy she cried, and immediately took them into the kitchen and went to work creating dinner. We ate so well that night, you have no idea! The best part is… with all the confidence she’s developed from using these amazing knives, she decided to go to cooking school!

Dynasty Knives Are The Best Knives You’ll Find At This Price — By Far

Perhaps the biggest buzz surrounding Dynasty involves the surprisingly low prices. Normally, a professional knife set like this could go for upwards of $1,000 or more — but the Dynasty Series is sold directly to home cooks, which means it’s available at a fraction of the price.

Clearly, there are plenty of reasons why the Dynasty Series has become so popular so quickly. If you cook at least once a week and you don’t already have a set of professional knives, you absolutely have to get yourself a set of Dynasty knives.

You’ll never believe how much of a difference a new set of knives will make. They’re absolutely worth every penny… especially when you consider the fact that they last a lifetime.

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The Dynasty Series has gained considerable popularity, which is hardly surprising given the widespread praise it has received. With over 5,000 5-star reviews, people everywhere are raving about these knives. Not only are they effective, but they are also incredibly sharp, making them a favorite among consumers.

Considering their ease of use and affordability, there is simply no reason not to order The Dynasty Series knives right away. Moreover, the company stands firmly behind their product, offering a no-risk trial. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund, though it is unlikely that you will need to do so.

Join the thousands of individuals who are enhancing their culinary skills and enjoying top-notch, hand-crafted knives that are within reach with The Dynasty Series.


If you order The Dynasty Series knives online using the link below, you can take advantage of some exclusive limited-time deals. These discounts may not be available for much longer, but we will keep this section updated to reflect any changes. If you are currently reading this, chances are good that you can still benefit from these offers.

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