Top 35 insanely cool gadgets that are going to sell out this October

Discover the hottest gifts in US 2023, all at ridiculous discounts...

Published on Sunday, 17th September 2023

Insanely Cool Gadgets

Our team combed through thousands of innovative, practical & helpful, too-cool electronics and gizmos to find the very Cream of the Crop. We’ve done the legwork, the days of searching, and the due diligence to locate the most popular, best reviewed, and certainly most impressive cool gadgets trending this season.

On top of this list, you’ll see October 2023’s best selling gadgets in the USA. Scroll down to see them all. You’ll find the newest items at the bottom of the list.

Most of these can only be found online we’ve locked in special discounts and deals. They are still in stock for a limited time and have 30 days money back guarantee. Our advice? If one (or a few) of these cool gadgets catch your eye, make sure you grab them today before they sell out!… And all product discounts have been automatically applied if you click on the links below.

1. Synoshi – New genius Japanese invention cleans virtually everything in your house

Rating:  (8343 reviews)

What’s it? Synoshi is a handheld cordless electric device that does most of your cleaning. It cleans everything from bathroom tiles to shower corners, stoves, car windows, and more.

Why is it selling like crazy? Wherever dirt lives (tight spaces, corners, or smooth surfaces), Synoshi has the power to get to it. When you clean with Synoshi, you don’t need to spend hours scrubbing, mopping, and wiping. It cuts cleaning time by more than half and takes most of the stress out of cleaning.

Who are snapping up Synoshi? Cleaning your bathroom, kitchen, and living room with this little device is effortless. You’ll save money, time, and energy with it. So many folks who cherish cleanliness are ordering Synoshi right now.

2. Peeps – NASA’s Solution for Dirty Glasses (Now Available to The Public)

Rating:  (10302 reviews)

What’s it? Peeps works on all types of eyeglasses, sunglasses, and reading glasses. Utilizing the the only cleaning technology used in space – Carbon Molecular Technology – Peeps sets the bar for all cleaners.

Why is it selling like crazy? Peeps cleans hundreds of times, never expires, is not affected by heat, cold or humidity and is a completely all natural, eco-friendly product. It keeps your glasses crystal clear, – no cloth required, and will never scratch or damage your lenses!

Who are snapping up Peeps? With the holidays right around the corner, Peeps makes a perfect gift for parents, grandparents, co-workers, and anyone who’s ready to experience life through remarkably clear lenses!

3. Enence – Genius Japanese innovation allows you to instantly communicate in 36 languages

Rating:  (5186 reviews)

What’s it? Poliglu is a Japanese high-tech invention that lets you communicate in more than 36 languages, so you can communicate with almost anyone on this planet.

Why is it selling like crazy? Whether traveling, doing business around the world or with special populations in your neighborhood, learning a foreign language, or just communicating more easily with family – the Poliglu is the smart little device that will make life so much more rewarding. Get yours today and see what I mean.

Who are snapping up Poliglu? People planning to travel abroad, global business man, foreign language learners.

4. Pluxy – Remove unwanted facial hair for up to 4 weeks

Rating:  (5812 reviews)

What’s it? Pluxy is the world’s first epilator crafted specifically for facial hair removal. Unlike traditional methods, it gently plucks away facial hairs right from the root, ensuring a smoother finish.

Why is it selling like crazy? It’s faster than plucking, less painful than waxing, and less irritating than shaving, offering long-lasting smoothness with less hassle.

Who are snapping up Pluxy? Those seeking a less painful and less frequent hair removal solution are choosing Pluxy for its promise of extended smoothness.

5. Keilini LightBulb Security Camera – Always know what’s going on at home, no matter where you are

Rating:   (6349 reviews)

What’s it? It’s a 1080P 360° panoramic view security camera, but just like a regular bulb.

Why is it selling like crazy? What really makes the Keilini stands out is its price, ultra-compact design and extraodinary features (100% cord free). Best part of all, it’s install is just as easy and quick as screwing a bulb into any socket! This means you can monitor your home and office, and secure your property in minutes – with only a fraction of the cost, this camera is truly a game changer.

Who are snapping up Keilini? People who wanna monitor their pets, take care of their kids and elders, and keep their house safe anywhere.

6. ThePhotoStick Omni – Find & protect ALL your nemories in one click

Rating:  (7712 reviews)

What’s it? ThePhotoStick OMNI finds, downloads, and safely stores photos and videos on any device (computers, phones, tablets) — in a single click!

Why is it selling like crazy? If you have a ton of photos & videos on your computer AND phone, then you already know how tough it is to keep them all organized… and one mistake (on either device) can suddenly result in heartbreak. That’s why I recommend ThePhotoStick OMNI to you.

Who are snapping up ThePhotoStick OMNI? Anyone with a LOT of photos and videos to keep track of – this powerful USB stick finds and saves ALL of your photos and videos on ANY device (phone, tablet and computer) in a matter of seconds.

7. KoreScale – Revolutionary new scale lets you look inside your body

Rating:  (4265 reviews)

What’s it? KoreScale is a digital bio-metric scale that scans and records up to 14 key health metrics that are crucial to tracking body composition and fitness progress.

Why is it selling like crazy? If you’ve trying to get in shape, starting a new diet, or just want to know what’s going on inside your body, KoreScale is exactly what you need. For this first time ever you can get a real look at how your body works and it’s never been this fast, easy, or affordable.

Who are snapping up Korescale? Anyone who wanna do free physical exam at home, is loving KoreScale which is a revolution in personal health and fitness.

8. Karben – Holds up to 12 cards while remaining as slim as possible

Rating:  (4628 reviews)

What is it? Karben is a minimalistic RFID-blocking aluminum and carbon fiber wallet designed to be slimmer, smarter, and safer.

Why is it selling like crazy? Karben Wallet is ultra-durable, yet so slim that you’ll barely even feel it there in your pocket. People are loving it.

Who are snapping up Karben? People who need an upgrade for that old, worn out, over-stuffed leather wallet in their back pocket.

9. Power Pod – The Amazing Keychain Phone Charger

Rating:  (4211 reviews)

What’s it? Power Pod is a compact device that ensures your battery stays charged on-the-go. It attaches to key rings or briefcases and has a built-in micro high-velocity charger, compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

Why is it selling like crazy? It provides instant, lasting power, ideal for individuals constantly on-the-move, making it a practical solution to the common issue of dead batteries.

Who are snapping up Power Pod? Primarily travelers, appreciating its portability and instant charging feature. Its universal compatibility also appeals to a broad spectrum of mobile device users.

10. Miracle Sheets – A luxury antibacterial sheets keep you clean and cool

Rating:  (3151 reviews)

What’s it? Miracle has created the first ever hygienic luxury sheets. These bed sheets utilize natural bacteria fighting silver for healthier skin and cleanliness. It also features modern temperature regulating fabrics so that you stay comfortable all night long. No more excessive laundry loads, bad odors, and unhealthy skin.

Why is it selling like crazy? Miracle sheets are made with high-tech all-natural silver infused cotton fabric that fights bacteria. This allows for your sheets to stay cleaner and healthier much longer than your typical sheets. It’s the most powerful way to fight unwanted dust mites, germs, bacteria, and odor.

Who are snapping up Miracle Sheets? People who are looking for much better sleeping experiences. They’re tired of traditional sheets.

11. HyperDrill – This shape shifting drill is this year’s hottest gift

Rating:  (4751 reviews)

HyperDrill is the high-quality breakthrough electric drill that offers a variety of features and capabilities that make it ideal for a wide range of handy DIY professionals. From screwdriving to drilling, this drill has it all. With its innovative “transformation” features and sleek design, HyperDrill is sure to turn heads and impress.

This tool is truly one of the best gifts of 2023. Get one for your hubby or even yourself — if you like doing the work around the house yourself.

12. Ryoko – Lets you have internet connection wherever you are

Rating:  (3589 reviews)

Ryoko is a portable WiFi and the perfect companion for travellers, parents, students and basically, everyone who wants to always be connected and protected. Besides, with Ryoko you will be 100% secured, which means no viruses and no data leaks.

Ryoko covers 112 countries in all 5 continents so now you can forget of using insecure public WiFi, or paying for high international roaming charges.

13. Spirual Incense Waterfall – Imagine the most relaxing way to alleviate stress and improve your wellness

Rating:  (5923 reviews)

What’s it? Spirual is a revolutionary handmade aromatherapy diffuser that is specially designed to enhance wellbeing by promoting relaxation, and inner peace. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a waterfall for incense smoke.

Why is it selling like crazy? If you didn’t know, incense smoke naturally goes down very slowly, because it’s ever-so-slightly heavier than air. An incense waterfall turns that effect into art. It looks like a waterfall in slow-motion. And let me say, it’s beautiful.

Who are snapping up Spirual Incense Waterfall? It makes an excellent gift for that special someone in your life. This unique gift is perfect for anyone who is looking to improve their wellness in a natural and holistic way.

14. Huusk – Authentic Japanese, samurai-inspired chef knife

Rating:  (5340 reviews)

What’s it? Huusk knife features a precision, laser-carved index finger hole for superior control. The blade is comprised of traditional Japanese steel ensuring a sharp, quality knife for the years to come. Premium oak wood handle is probably the most comfortable and secure handle ever created.

Why is it selling like crazy? Absolutely beautiful-looking knife. Handle is comfy and fits in the hand nicely. As well as being super sharp, the blade itself has beautiful detailing on it. It has a good weight to it and comes in a lovely presentation box.

Who are snapping up Huusk? Any home cook or aspiring chef.

15. Tvidler – The best method for safe & clean ear cleaning

Rating:  (5340 reviews)

What’s it? Tvidler is an effective, convenient and reusable solution to your ear wax accumulation problem.

Why is it selling like crazy? It turns out ever since Tvidler was created, more and more people were giving up their bad ear cleaning habits. They definitely knew how dangerous cotton swabs are but had no choice. Switching over to Tvidler is revolutionary. Ever since it appeared on the market it has been selling out like crazy as soon as it gets in stock.

Who are snapping up Tvidler? People who wanna clean ears safely and effectively.

16. Hilipert Portable Neck Massager – Discover a better, faster way to relieve neck pain

Rating:  (3965 reviews)

What’s it? The Hilipert Portable Neck Massager is a device using heating, acupuncture, and electro-stimulation to alleviate body tension and soreness.

Why is it selling like crazy? It offers a drug-free, comfortable solution to relieve physical discomfort, improve sleep, and enhance blood circulation, all in just 15 minutes a day.

Who are snapping up Hilipert Portable Massager? Individuals seeking an affordable, effective solution to body tension are finding this massager a worthwhile, cost-effective choice.

17. Barx BusyBall – Keep your pets stimulated, healthy, and strong while you’re away from home

Rating:  (8661 reviews)

What’s It? The BarxBuddy Busy Ball is a smart toy for dogs, equipped with motion sensors to roll and bounce on its own upon contact.

Why is it Selling Like Crazy? Its self-interactive nature provides endless amusement for dogs without any manual intervention from their owners, making it highly appealing.

Who are Snapping Up BarxBuddy Busy Ball? Dog owners seeking an effortless way to keep their pets engaged and entertained are the primary buyers of the BarxBuddy Busy Ball.

18. Derila – Sleep like a baby every night with this new amazing pillow

Rating:  (6829 reviews)

Are you tired of being so tired all the time?

Sleep experts and neurology professionals will tell you, from their personal experiences. Sleep posture is one of the most overlooked key factors if a person is experiencing sleeping issues or aches and pains that keep them awake at night.

Derila is the universal answer to sleeping issues helping people everywhere! The ergonomically shaped design keeps your head, neck, back, shoulders and spine aligned and the pressure evenly distributed, which helps you stay asleep throughout the night and wake up feeling completely rested.

19. Bed Scrunchie – Say goodbye to loose, wrinkly sheets forever

Rating:  (6529 reviews)

What’s it? Bed Scrunchie is the 360-degree all-in-one bed tightening system that gives your bed that flawless 5-star hotel look by keeping your sheets tight, no matter their size.

Why is it selling like crazy? Bed Scrunchie automatically wraps the sheets tightly to your bed, giving you hotel-quality crispness that lasts all night long.

Who are snapping up Bed Scrunchie? So if you or someone you know has ever struggled with getting their sheets to stay flat and tight on their beds, then the Bed Scrunchie is by far, one of the best purchases you’ll ever make.

20. ForeverPen – The world’s tiniest inkless pen that fits on your keychain and never needs refilling

Rating:  (9475 reviews)

What’s It? The ForeverPen is a compact, inkless pen with the writing capacity of over 500 traditional pens, easily attached to a keychain for on-the-go accessibility.

Why Is It Selling Like Crazy? Its innovative design tackles the common inconvenience and cost of frequently replacing pens, appealing to cost-conscious consumers.

Who Are Snapping Up Forever? Primarily avid note-takers, spanning students, professionals, and creatives, are drawn to the ForeverPen’s lasting solution to a common problem.

21. Circa Knee – Breakthrough knee sleeve design reduces knee pain

Rating:  (7436 reviews)

Circa Knee is a lightweight, compression knee sleeve made to offer support, compression and stabilization to the knees. Other brands only can only be slipped on, while Circa Knee has fully adjustable bands, allowing for a customized, perfect fit around the knee, regardless of body type.

Sleek and slim design allows for Circa Knee to be worn either under clothing or over it, without disrupting full range of motion.

22. ThinOptics – Say hello to the most convenient reading glasses ever made

Rating:  (4724 reviews)

ThinOptics® are ultra-durable, lightweight, foldable reading glasses that attach to your phone or keychain so they’re always nearby.

Apparently, they’re officially the world’s thinnest reading glasses — but that’s just the start. First off, they fold and fit into a slim case that attaches to your phone, so you never have to think about bringing your readers along. If you have your phone, you have your reading glasses! Or, if you’re more likely to have your keys around than your phone, you can use the keychain — same idea!

Together, the case and glasses are impressively slim, taking up hardly any extra space, whether you keep them in your bag, pocket, purse, jacket, etc. You hardly notice your glasses are there until you need them!

23. Audien Atom – The world’s 1st hearing aids for less than $100

Rating:  (6853 reviews)

If you or someone you know suffers from mild to moderate hearing loss, and you haven’t done anything to correct it… then you’re actually in luck! Just a few years ago, you would have been forced to either pay upwards of $4,500 for hearing aids — or struggle with poor hearing.

But now you have Audien: an ultra-compact set of hearing aids that requires no prescription and costs less than $100. They work right out of the box, and thousands of people are already using them to enjoy full, beautiful sound again.

24. The Chill Pill – New handheld anxiety relief device, it could change your life

Rating:  (5227 reviews)

As we all deal with more and more stress in our lives, panic attacks and anxiety are becoming a growing problem for millions of people. While many turn to pills for quick relief, experts warn that they’re not the best option… not only are pills dangerous, they can be highly addictive and even intoxicating.

That’s where The Chill Pill comes in — this innovative new handheld device uses safe, science-backed Electrotherapy to quickly calm your mind down. It can stop a panic attack cold, and users say it’s incredible for relieving daily anxiety and stress. Even better, it’s discreet, portable, and drug-free… so it could be the last “pill” you ever need!

25. FlightPath – World’s most advanced golf tee (it’s a must-have for golfers!)

Rating:  (4654 reviews)

FlightPath is the tournament-legal tee with a revolutionary design that helps you effortlessly hit longer, straighter drives. Plus, it’s nearly unbreakable.

Using a FlightPath tee won’t turn you into Tiger Woods overnight. However, it will instantly add a few yards to each drive… help you hit straighter shots… and save you money and hassle every time you hit the links. Enjoy laser-like precision and distance every time you step up to the tee.

26. Bondic – Fix virtually anything and can be used for years

Rating:  (10288 reviews)

What’s it? It’s a revolutionary non-toxic, clear liquid plastic – and it’s a surefire way to build, bond, fix, and fill virtually ANYTHING.

Why is it selling like crazy? Bondic is the high-tech future version of glue – but it’s super easy and incredibly satisfying to use. Oh, and it’s also 50X stronger, never leaves any mess, and can be remolded and reshaped again and again.

Who are snapping up Bondic? Almost anyone, especially do-it yourselfers.

27. Seat Cushion – Klaudena – Sitting better can make all the difference when you work

Rating:  (5904 reviews)

Klaudena is an ergonomic cushion with memory foam. It is designed to take your sitting experience from zero to maximum enjoyment.

Klaudena looks like a small-sized pillow, but it’s much more. It’s purpose-designed to give your bottom a calming and relaxing sensation that spreads around your whole body. Some even say Klaudena is better than a cup of ice cream on a warm Sunday afternoon.

Klaudena is really effective. You’ll say the same too. When Klaudena resides firmly under your bottom, sitting for hours doesn’t feel like a chore. Instead, sitting feels like time at the spa. Its design gives you all the benefits of sitting, and reduces the pain that sitting on a regular chair gives you.

28. Snapshot Shelfystand 360 – 360-Degree Motorized Smart Shooting for Extraordinary Selfies

Rating:  (11224 reviews)

What’s it? The Snapshot Shelfystand 360 is a photography device designed for selfies and group shots with 360-degree rotation, face and object tracking features. It connects to standard tripods and has anti-shake technology for clear recording.

Why is it selling like crazy? Its user-friendly design and innovative features like intelligent AI composition make capturing high-quality photos and videos effortless, thus enhancing personal photography and social media game.

Who are snapping up Snapshot Shelfystand 360? Individuals keen on enhancing their social media presence and capturing memories effortlessly are opting for this device.

29. FIXD – Save $$$ in unnecessary car repairs

Rating:  (7106 reviews)

What’s it? FIXD is a sensor and mobile app that automatically diagnoses your car’s health right on your smartphone. It’s super easy to use, no mechanical skills required.

Why is it selling like crazy? Let’s face it: Mechanics are out to make money. Some are more trustworthy than others… but why even take the chance when something like FIXD exists? This little device plugs into your car, then tells you what’s wrong – in plain English. Now you can confidently avoid unnecessary trips to the mechanic. Thanks to FIXD, the complicated car is now insanely easy for you to understand. You can save $$$ in unnecessary repairs and replacements now.

Who are snapping up FIXD? Non-technical layman drivers, who wanna monitor their cars’ health in real-time, using a super simple method/device (just plug and go). They’re saving big money!

30. Pocket Tripod – The world’s smallest fully functional phone stand inspired by Japanese origami

Rating:  (3822 reviews)

Pocket Tripod is a revolution in phone stand design — it’s a fully functional phone and tablet tripod stand that folds up into a credit-card sized shape and fits in your pocket, allowing you to use your phone hands-free wherever you go!

Pocket Tripod was designed to make sure you can ALWAYS go hands-free, because you never know when you need to capture that perfect moment. It unfolds in seconds — then, when you’re done, simply tuck it away and move on to your next adventure. It’s that easy — and fast!

Perfect for photographers, content creators, video calls, cooking, watching movies… you name it!

31. Omega WiFi Amp – Better and cheaper way to get lightning-fast internet

Rating:  (5045 reviews)

The Omega WiFi Amp is a revolutionary new WiFi booster that both speeds up your internet and eliminates dead spots — without putting your data at risk.

Its high-speed 2.4 GHz data transmission improves wireless coverage throughout your entire WLAN network and instantly “patches up” those dead spots — the places where your WiFi mysteriously stops working (such as the basement, attic, bathroom, etc).

And unlike other boosters, the Omega WiFi Amp is secure. It fully supports strong encryption protocols like WPA and WPA2, so your network won’t be exposed to online threats.

32. Soul Insole – The fast, natural way to get relief from foot pain

Rating:  (6245 reviews)

What’s it? Feeling foot pain lately? No sweat – Soul Insole is here for you! No matter what size your shoes are, these amazing “micro-orthotic” insoles will glide seamlessly in and give you immediate comfort and relief. Not only will it feel amazingly good RIGHT AWAY, but it will actually support proper alignment and help you feel less pain all over your body.

Why is it selling like crazy? It’s completely sustainable – they last for years, don’t lose stickiness after wash, and one pair can be used on multiple shoes.

Who are sanpping up Soul Insole? Active person, such as hikers, jogger, travlers…

34. Bril – Simple and effective way to clean your toothbrush

Rating:  (6925 reviews)

What’s it? Bril is a portable toothbrush case that automatically sterilizes your toothbrush after every use. The concept is actually pretty simple: Instead of trying to kill bacteria after it’s inside your mouth, Bril helps you kill harmful germs and bacteria at the source (your toothbrush) – before they ever reach your mouth.

Why is it selling like crazy? Recent research suggests that the toothbrush is the 3rd dirtiest thing in the home just after dish sponges and the kitchen sink. Your toothbrush is loaded with germs, up to 100 million of them. Soon I expect everyone will be using Bril.

Who are snapping up Bril? Anyone cares about the health of their own or family members’, especially the kids and seniors.

35. StopWatt Energy Saver – 1 simple trick to cut your electric bill by 47%

Rating:  (8655 reviews)

What’s it? Stopwatt’s patent-pending technology delivers a smooth and stable electrical current to your home, enhancing efficiency, reducing dirty electricity, minimizing waste power, and significantly cutting down energy consumption.

Why is it selling like crazy? It allows up to 47% savings on energy bills, a major draw for consumers.

Who are snapping up Stopwatt? Consumers eager for savings, despite Big Energy’s disapproval.

-- -- -- NEW UPDATE: unique gadgets that are also going viral and selling out fast -- -- --

🔥Hootie – The #1 personal safety alarm for women, enjoy peace of mind no matter where you are

Rating:  (6333 reviews)

Hootie is a new personal safety alarm that helps deter attackers without using violence. If you feel at all threatened, you can simply activate Hootie’s VERY loud alarm and strobe light to create a diversion and attract attention.

Hootie is like having your own personal alarm system everywhere you go. At the pull of its pin, Hootie triggers the built-in strobe light and 130-decibel alarm – which is as loud as a jet engine to startle and scare off any would-be attackers. This gives you time to escape and will also alert others that you need help. It’s so loud you can even hear it through walls.

It’s the most effective non-violent way to keep yourself safe when you’re alone!

🔥Tenikle – Weird gadget instantly mounts your devices anywhere

Rating:  (7325 reviews)

Tenikle lets you mount any device, anywhere, in seconds! With bendable legs & strong suction cups, it easily adjusts to securely hold your phone, tablet or camera in virtually any location. It’s as easy as bend, stick, and hold!

Not only does it let you go hands-free in seconds, it also rotates in every direction, so you’re not limited to just portrait or landscape mode. No matter how awkward your mounting surface is, you can tweak your phone’s screen to literally any angle.

🔥WatchtheRoad Dash Cam – A must have gift for driver

Rating:  (3455 reviews)

This is the device we wish we’ll never need – but if we do, it can save us hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in insurance costs.

A dash camera helps you record everything that goes on inside & outside your car, giving you the evidence you need, offering driving assistance & protecting your vehicle at all times, even when it’s parked.

WatchtheRoad Dash Cam is a great investment, especially since it is very cost-effective and has a very straightforward design that typically consists of a microphone and a fixed-lens digital camera. These simple cameras can be installed on the dashboard or the windshield of your car within seconds, thanks to their suction cup.