Seniors Are Rushing To Get Walk In Tubs This Holiday Season

By John Velasco published December 07, 2023

Walk In Tubs

Seniors Are Getting Walk-In Tubs At Unbelievably Great Prices During The Holidays!

For years many seniors were unable to get in and out of the bathtub. This is because their aches, illnesses, or injuries have made it very difficult to do so safely without worry of slipping and falling. 

Recent improvements to outdated tubs have changed the game for those who have been struggling between the desire to take a nice relaxing bath and the worry of a slip. 

The simple truth is that walk-in tubs offer seniors a safe solution to a luxurious and relaxing tub experience.

A Relief For Seniors

Many seniors have turned to walk-in bathtubs for the safe entrance feature but didn’t realize all the other benefits they’d receive as well!

The following customers are beyond satisfied with their tubs and explain some of their favorite features and benefits allowing them to be independent again. They can now get in and out of the bathtub WITHOUT the help of an in-home aide.

I love this tub. It’s made a great difference in the circulation in my legs. My pain level is down and I’m sleeping better at night. 

-Sue S.*

My walk in bath has exceeded my expectations. I had taken showers for so many years I can’t remember the last bath I had. It was just too difficult to get in and out of a standard tub. Add to that the therapeutic advantages and the safety features, it will help keep me in my home as I move into my 80’s. 

-James C.*

Love the tub. Had it for a couple weeks and have used almost daily. It fills fast and drains even faster. Works great on my arthritic joints and relaxes me for a good night sleep. I highly recommend. 

-Jay F.*

With all of their powerful healing benefits, these walk-in tubs are gaining massive popularity. One of the most trusted and secure online services to get a free estimate is Thousands of seniors have already trusted this company to get the lowest pricing on a a luxurious walk-in bathtub.

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